Intervention Process

Step One


The first thing you need to do is contact me.  You can do this by calling or e-mailing me.

Phone: 1-858-922-1271


If you use e-mail to contact me, please include your name and a phone number where you can be reached, and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

I’ll ask you some questions to determine what is needed to help you, your family and your loved one and if intervention is the appropriate course of action.   


Step Two:


If conducting an Intervention is indicated during the Initial Contact, the next step is to determine who will participate in the intervention and to schedule an assessment.  The purpose of the assessment is to gather important information about your addicted loved one and the family such as drug and alcohol use, mental health issues, physical issues and trauma.  Gathering as much information as possible is vital to developing the best treatment plan possible for your addicted loved one and family.  This will be done telephonically with you, me and three to four other Intervention participants.  Once the assessment has been completed, based on the information given, I will develop a treatment plan.  I will provide treatment recommendations for you, your family and your addicted loved one. 

I will assist in arranging professional sober transportation for your addicted loved one to and from detox, if detox is necessary, and to and from the treatment center.  I will also assist in arranging for a medical professional to travel with and monitor your loved one if he/she is at risk for going into withdrawal on the way to treatment.  If desired, I will assist in arranging for post-treatment monitoring, to help keep your loved one on track. 

I will help plan all arrangements, every step of the way.    


Step Three:


The day before the actual intervention, we gather at a pre-determined location for the Addiction Education and Intervention Preparation component.  This is a comprehensive power-point presentation that explains concepts including, but not limited to, the addictive process and how it affects the brain as well as the family system, for everyone involved in the intervention process. 

We then prepare for the actual Intervention.  I thoroughly explain the process and the details such as how to compose your two letters, who will sit where, who will speak in what order, and the reasons behind these decisions.  

I will then assist you in writing your two letters.  The first letter communicates your feelings toward your addicted loved one and your offer and request that he/she accepts the gift of treatment.  The second letter is only read if your loved one, after listening to all ‘first’ letters, adamantly refuses the gift of treatment.  This letter communicates to your loved one the changes that will occur resulting in his/her decision to not go to treatment.  These changes are not punishments.  They are healthy boundaries that you will put into place so that you may begin recovering/healing, whether he/she gets healthy or not. 

I provide you with very clear guidelines for writing your letters and will assist throughout the process.  The Addiction Education and Intervention Preparation meeting will end only when I have answered all questions you or other participants may have. 


Step Four:


The intervention will occur preferably the next morning.  The reason I like the intervention to occur in the morning is that there is less chance that those being intervened upon, are under the influence to a point where intervention would be futile, and need to be rescheduled.    

When the intervention is over, and your loved one has agreed to enter treatment, he/she will leave with the sober transport personnel, the medical professional, if needed, and one family member to begin the journey to the treatment facility. 

All intervention participants are able to communicate with me any questions, concerns or other related issues, for up to one year from the date of the actual intervention.  This service is included in my fee. 

I am not affiliated with any treatment centers.  My recommendations are based on what I determine is the best possible treatment for you, your family and your addicted loved one.  I do not accept referral ‘bonuses’ from any treatment center.

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